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Welcome to The Bullet Shop!!
Supplying high quality pistol ammunition for the competitive and hobbyist shooters!

Our price list for 2016 has been updated! Please take a look and let us know what you need!

In another effort to keep our customers happy, we are working on getting online ordering up and running!

So please check back with us!

The Bullet Shop is pleased to announce that we are working with local projectile manufactures to keep costs down while keeping quality and production up for our customers. We are now reloading projectiles made from JTT Projectiles! Locally made right here in Alberta, JTT provides a new high performance polymer coated bullet. We are very excited to be working with JTT Projectiles to provide yet another high quality choice of ammunition!

This is a bucket of JTT Projectiles

Its loaded .40S&W. This is high quality match grade ammunition that will make power factor requirements for events.

This is a bucket of JTT Projectiles.
Its 9mm black projectiles which we will be using to load ammunition specifically for events where power factors aren't required or for hobby shooters as a cost effective ammo!